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Forged in the legalized cannabis market, our brands & products, licensed cultivation, manufacturing & distribution campuses and partners stand as a beacon to preserve and promote the cultural, social, medicinal and positive impacts that cannabis brings to our nation, local communities and families.The Company operates out of a fully licensed manufacturing, fulfillment, production, inventory, distribution and back office operations. The team includes over 75 full-time, high-performance employees and professional staff members with an in-house salesforce & operational partners located throughout California. Jeeter currently holds a California state Distributor, Manufacturer and Event Organizer license.

Secondly, Each Jeeter Live Resin Straw Disposable is made with strain specific liquid live resin made from freshly frozen flower. This preserves all flavor and all therapeutic biomolecules. Also You can get this disposable pen and immediately start hitting it. Jeeter is an iconic brand and while these pens are small, they are mighty! The Jeeter carts Berry flavor makes the cloud of smoke enjoyable; letting you hold every hit. The subtle flavors make every hit tasty, while it lifts you to a euphoric head high and an uncontrollable smile. jeeter vape disposable

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Cleaning Your Cart Pen

Cleaning reloadable vape pens is generally easier than cleaning tank-based vape pens. Dab cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the exterior of the cartridge, taking special care to remove any residue on the outside of the cartridge. Once the exterior is clean, use a paper towel to dry the outside of the cartridge completely.

It’s important to never submerge your cartridge in alcohol or other liquids. This could easily contaminate your vape oil, produce harsh flavors, or negatively affect your vaping experience.

If you don’t clean your vaporizing pen regularly, oil in the cartridge can solidify, which obstructs airflow through the cartridge. Often, you can clear a clog with the fine point of a safety pin. Tougher clogs might require gently heating it with a hair dryer from one or two inches away from the cartridge. After it’s warmed, give another try to remove the clog. If the cartridge is still clogged after multiple attempts, you likely have to replace the cartridge.

The battery is, potentially, the most dangerous part of the vape pen. Take extra caution when cleaning it. Usually, the battery needs a gentle cleaning on the exterior with cotton swabs. Check to be sure the connector is free of residue that can obstruct the flow of electricity to the atomizer.

To avoid “off” flavors or a persistent taste of rubbing alcohol, give your vape pen enough time to fully dry. Once your equipment is fully dry, it is safe to refill your tank or insert a new cartridge, reassemble the individual components, and vape your products.

For the best ongoing experience and longest life for your vape pen, it’s recommended to clean it once a week.

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Thirdly, Jeeter comes in a 510 vape cartridge (1 gram) using broad-spectrum oil with high THC levels in multiple flavors! Our formula is very simple  cannabis oil and biconical terpenes to give you the mood and taste your looking for.

Today I will look at Jeeter Carts, which is the distillate cartridge line of Jeeter, most famous for their infused pre-rolled joints. Jeeter’s line of infused pre-roll joints is distributed by Dreamfields Farms at many California dispensaries. I’ve been seeing a lot of these Jeeter  cartridges at many of the shops in LA.  I will discuss the pros and cons of this cartridge.


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Pros: – Uses C-Cell M6T   – The oil lasts an average length

Cons: Below average strength – Artificial taste – Perfume-like aftertaste – Uses botanical terpenes

Recommendations: This cartridge leaves a lot of room for improvement starting from the airflow problems with the hardware to the overly artificial taste. The strength of this distillate can be improved as well. The use of botanical terpenes is my strongest issue with this cartridge. among others, Buy Cali Plug Carts , Fiyaman Carts , Dark Hawk Carts , West Coast Cure Carts , Pure One Carts , Jeeter Carts, cake she hits different carts Online

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The packaging for Jeeter Carts looks cheap, similar to street brands

The packaging looks very cheap, almost like a glossier, more polished version of the black market Dank Vapes or Cereal Carts with its “nutrition facts,” which is why I wanted to try this since they were sold in so many dispensaries in LA. As per their website at Dreamfields Farms, these are distillate oil cartridges infused with botanical terpenes. jeeter carts disposable price




Jeeter Juice Vape – Gelato





Jeeter Juice Disposable Live Resin Straw – Butter OG



 jeeter CARTS live resin 

The distillate for Jeeter Carts looks okay with no discoloration

For this review, I picked up their Purple Punch, which is a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, a strain that is best used for nighttime. When you first look at this Jeeter carts Purple Punch cartridge, its oil quality looks lighter in color with very little noticeable discoloration. For the most part, it looks like standard distillate oil like other recent distillate cartridges. jeeter vape disposable

How Long Do Carts Last?

It all depends on how much you puff them! If you puff throughout the day, the cart will run out much faster. But if you save it for little moments where you need some peace of mind or other beneficial effects in a pinch, a full gram dab cart can last you weeks.

Are Dispensary Carts Safe?

As long as you are buying from a legal dispensary that carries legal, third-party lab-tested dab carts, they should absolutely be safe to smoke. Always be cautious when purchasing from questionably legal shops or even friends and acquaintances as those carts may not be tested and may be unsafe

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The hardware and efficiency of this Jeeter cartridge was another issue that I had with this cartridge. Each cartridge has the Jeeter logo and is color-labeled. This makes it easy to tell which strain of Jeeter cartridge it is. Its build quality and design is similar to the Dr. Zodiak Jupiter C-Cell cartridges, though it shares other qualities as well. This Jeeter cartridges, which uses the M6T model of C-Cell cartridges, had some problems with airflow that clogged early and often during the use of this cartridge, similar to a Dr. Zodiak cartridge. It seems to last the average number of puffs for a full gram distillate cartridge much like a real Dr. Zodiak cartridge from last year.

Finding the Right Cart Pen For You

  • Reloadable Dab Pen — perfect for users with significant vaping experience, who want a specific vape experience and temperature, and who feel comfortable loading, cleaning, and replacing their dab pen equipment.
  • Vape Pen — better for users new to vaping, who are looking to be very discreet, but not interested in measuring or loading concentrates.

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The taste is overly artificial with a perfume-like aftertaste

Its taste is also one of the main weaknesses. It has an artificial taste very much similar to Welsh’s grape juice, but with a harsh perfume-like aftertaste. That might be caused by mixing botanical terpenes with distillate oil in this cartridge. I would recommend most other distillate cartridges over this one, including Absolute Extracts, Heavy Hitters, Kurvana, and Plug Play. Its artificial fruitiness reminds me of some of the Dr. Zodiak cartridges, the Breath Mint Rad Vapes cartridge, and some of the older West Coast Cure cartridges that I’ve had.

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 jeeter juice review 

The effects of this cartridge were minimal and didn’t last long

The effects were not as strong for his one, which has 80.07% THC and 0.36% CBD. They are initially relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric, but the effects don’t last long enough as you have to have the full intended effect. Needless to say, this wasn’t strong enough to have a full night’s sleep with this Purple Punch cartridge. During the use of this cartridge, this distillate had little to no medical benefits for my nerve pain and initially gave me a slight headache. Again, I would recommend most other distillate cartridges like Heavy Hitters, Kurvana, and Plug Play over this for much better effects, much better taste, and higher potency.

How Different Types Of Cart Pen Work

  • Reloadable Dab Pen – dabs are heated on an inner coil, melted onto a wick, turned into vapor, and inhaled.
  • Vape Pen – vape oil is sucked into an atomizer, heated into vapor, and inhaled.


There are other better distillate choices than Jeeter carts

Jeeter Vape is also available at most dispensaries in Southern California. I cannot recommend these distillate cartridges that are infused with botanical terpene blends. Although this cartridge is possibly not as bad as other similarly-looking street brands, there are plenty of other better choices for distillate cartridges including Absolute Extracts, Heavy Hitters, Legion of Bloom, Kurvana, and Plug Play.

What Types of Vape Cartridges Are Available?

Despite the overall ease of use with vaporizing in general and dab carts in particular, there are still more details to sort through. To meet the customer’s needs it’s important to provide all of the best available dispensary carts whether it’s a weed cartridge, a wax pen cartridge, a THC cartridge, a CBD cartridge, or live rosin carts. Often the best solution means acquiring wholesale vape cartridges.

Distillate Carts

 sometimes called distilled carts, consist of refined cannabis oil. it is most often used to help make large batches of uniform content that can later be sorted and upgraded with flavor. The purpose of distillate cannabis cartridges is to remove all of the unnecessary compounds that are found in cannabis plants, like chlorophyll. This leaves a higher concentration of CBD or THC and allows for a more enhanced experience. Distillate carts are typically cleaner and smoother than CO2.

Jeeter Juice THC 

Live Resin Carts

Live resin carts are one of the more terpene-rich types of cannabis cartridges and are known for their strong taste and aroma. The oil in a live resin cart is produced by first freezing the cannabis plant after harvest and is kept frozen throughout the extraction process. This freezing preserves its natural properties and produces a stronger taste and smell. Live resin carts are increasingly popular and a great choice for marijuana users who want a safe, strong high with each use.

Full-Spectrum Carts

Full-spectrum is considered to be the best of the best as it relates to cannabis oil because all of the molecules in a cannabis strain are contained. This means that nothing is added or removed from the original strain. The result is cannabis oil with the most natural taste, aroma, and effect. The high quality of full-spectrum is reflected in its price.

Terpene-Infused Carts

brings up similar concerns as with cut oil. Terpene-infused cannabis oils for pre-filled cannabis cartridges make the oil smoother. This can enhance the taste and aroma.

It’s crucial to understand that a cart pen supports a specific material. For example, if you have a dry herb vape, don’t load it with wax or dabs. It will damage the vape pen and waste your stash. To be the best solution, be sure to have a wide selection of dispensary carts.

Three Distinct Vaporizing Materials

  • Vape juices
  • Dry herbs
  • Concentrates

Some vaporizers have swappable parts that allow you to switch between loose-leaf and concentrates. Make sure you have all the necessary and available accessories when you’re switching between modes.

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Concluding this review…

In conclusion, Jeeter carts Overall, I can’t recommend this cartridge, which had a much more unpleasant aftertaste than Heavy Hitters Lava Cake distillate that I’ve tried here in the past. Its below-average quality, its artificial taste, and lack of strength are similar to some of the cartridges from Dr. Zodiak, the Breath Mint Rad Vapes cartridge, and the previous generation of West Coast Cure before their new CurePods that I’ve tried in the past. The main draw of this cartridge is that this does not seem as bad as other similarly-looking street brands and the price is cheaper than most distillate cartridges.

Using a Vape Pen

  • Know the correct way to turn your device on and off. Different manufacturers have different setups. Typically, if the device has an On/Off button, the number of times to turn it on is the same for turning it off.
  • Verify your cart is securely attached to its battery to avoid oil leakage.
  • Keep your cart pen upright to avoid oil leakage.
  • If you’re new to vaporizing, start slow. It’s easy to overconsume using dab carts, vape carts, etc.
  • Double-check the temperature. You don’t want your cartridge burning hot. Not only could it alter the oil’s chemical components but you could sustain personal injury.

There are so many variables with oil vape cartridges to consider that it can be easy to just go back to your tried and true. It’s worth it to press forward to learn to enjoy a new experience. Experienced friends or a knowledgeable “budtender” can usually clear up any confusion.

There’s bound to be a cart pen to satisfy your individual needs.