10 Benefits Of Vaping That Are Sure To Surprise You

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Vaping has a number of amazing benefits over cigarettes, which accounts for its increasing popularity around.

1. Healthy

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking as it effectively cuts down on the amount of tar, which reduces the harmful effects of cigarettes. It is also a smoother experience as it does not irritate the throat that is primarily responsible for the infamous smoker’s cough. You get the same feeling as you would have got from a cigarette without the harmful effects of it.

2. Economical

Vaping is an economical choice since vape refills last longer than a cigarette and hence, you have to spend less money on a regular basis. While the initial investment on the vaping set up does cost more than a pack of cigarettes, it is eventually easier on the pocket, in the long run.

3. Convenient

Vape is small, sleek and convenient to throw into your purse or pocket and carry anywhere and unlike a packet of cigarettes, you don’t even have to worry about it getting crushed or damaged. It is also safer as you do not need to carry matches or lighters. Moreover, there are several places where you might not be allowed to light up a cigarette but you will be able to vape.

4. Control on nicotine intake

With the extensive range of options and settings available, you can now control the amount of nicotine that you intake with every smoke. This helps you keep an eye on your nicotine consumption, and gives you a better grip on your health.

5. Less addictive

Unlike cigarette, vaping is less addictive. Moreover, since you can actively control the amount of nicotine you consume per smoke, you can spread out and smoke lighter concentrations and hence, effectively reduce your nicotine use and phase out eventually. It is thus an excellent choice for even for those who are trying to quit smoking

6. Less staining

Vaping cuts down on the amount of tar, when compared to cigarettes. It is this tar, which causes staining of teeth, nails and even walls if you are smoking next to one. Vape does away with tar and with the reduction in tar, the staining is reduced greatly. You can even buy nicotine-less vapes, which can completely cut down on staining.

7. Fun flavours

Vape refills come in a variety of fun flavours, which you can experiment with. You can even make innumerable new flavours by combining multiple flavours of your choice, and thus expand your choice of fun flavours to smoke, which is impossible with cigarettes.

8. No odour

The smell of cigarettes can be quite strong and annoying to get rid of. It is often seen that your fingers, mouth, clothes, and even your house takes up the strong smell of nicotine with regular smoking and it simply refuses to leave. Vape, on the other hand, does not have that kind of a smell as it has a bunch of amazing flavours, some of which even smell really good around a house.

9. Less annoying to others

Vape does not have an annoying nicotine smoke, which is not only annoying, but also causes discomfort in a lot of people. With cool flavours and cleaner smoke, people around smokers are not subjected to the offensive and harmful cigarette smoke.

10. Eco-friendly

Cigarette butts are a major waste produced, which takes around ten years to disintegrate. Every year thousands and thousands of cigarette butts are dumped in landfills and often in oceans as well, which have extremely negative impact on the ecosystem. By shifting to vape, one effectively reduces this additional pollution to the environment.

Vaping has become extremely popular over the years and it has rightfully gained its place. With a bunch of benefits over cigarettes, it is definitely a smart choice to make the switch to vape. It is a stylish and healthy way to get your nicotine kick while reducing the impact.

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